Shine:  Freelance Position:
Business Development Worker (BDW)

We are looking for an individual with exceptional skills and experience in business development of a social enterprise, to help Shine develop and grow. The BDW would work on a freelance basis.


What is Shine?

Shine is a project that shares older people’s stories in different ways: a printed magazine; films; web content; and audio content. The aim is to promote connection and reduce isolation amongst older people. Shine is currently based in Leeds and has been helping older people tell their stories for 2 years.


How can you help Shine?

Your role would keep Shine sustainable and help it to grow. 


Business Development Worker




The BDW will work flexibly on a freelance basis to:


  • Develop and sustain relationships with stakeholders, funders, and distributors

  • Bring in income from funding bids, partnerships, membership, sponsorship and advertising

  • Help develop new features and parts of the project, paid for by private, public or 3rd sector

  • Act on potential growth opportunities for Shine

  • Providing insight into competitive positioning


Skills/ experience


You should show evidence that:


  • You are intuitive, easy to communicate with and share our commitment to older people sharing their stories

  • You can demonstrate a clear understanding of the project and what we would like to achieve.

  • can demonstrate a good network of contacts in the Leeds business community.

  • You can demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of our project for the older people of Leeds and the wider community

  • You have excellent analytical, problem-solving and management skills.

  • You have exceptional negotiation and decision-making skills.

  • You have effective communication skills.

  • You have a good understanding of the public, 3rd and private sector

  • You are detail-oriented.


When does the work need to take place?

We are expecting this project to begin by August/ September 2022 and to be in place for 6 months



The fee for this role is £12,000

(plus additional performance related payments available in negotiation)

We will review this on a monthly basis


How to apply

Please submit a two-page (maximum) outline of what you plan to deliver. Detail:


  • your experience of similar work

  • how you intend to engage with the project

  • what business development methods you will apply

  • Timescales


Please send your outline to

Applications need to be received by Sunday 10th July 2022.


If you are shortlisted you will be invited for an interview with a panel from Shine Magazine Interviews will take place week beginning 18th July 2022.


Background and Context



About Shine

The Shine Project is a way of uniting the city in the ongoing vision for Leeds to be the best city to grow old in. Shine Magazine was created in response to the lockdown of 2020. Many older people were isolated with little contact with the outside world. Leeds City Council arranged for particularly vulnerable older people to receive food parcels; copies of Shine were added to these parcels. The aim was to provide a sense of community and connection to lonely older people in Leeds. Since 2020, Shine has continued to publish a regular magazine, but also creates films, audio and other web-based content.

Shine will keep the voice of older people at the heart of the project. We have a team of older writers who help others tell their stories and we want to develop and grow this team.


Shine started as a project that was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund within Leeds Older People's Forum.   It has now become an independent company working to develop self sustainability.


The project has the following aims:

  • Preventing Isolation older people

  • Giving voice to older people

  • Providing connection and hope to people in need

  • Changing the perception of older people in Leeds


The Future

We’ll share older people’s stories in the following ways:


Shine In Print -A printed magazine of 40 – 80 pages, produced regularly and distributed to older people in Leeds. The printed magazine will target isolated and lonely older people.


Shine Online – Website. The website will host online stories as individual web links. It will also feature web-only content such as blogs, films and podcasts. The website will become the main place for older people (and older people’s organisations) to go to access stories about and by older people in the city. Web content will be aimed at all older people in the city, as well as other people who are interested in Shine’s aims.


Shine Online – Film. A series of filmed documentaries that bring specific stories to life.


Shine Online – Podcasts. Audio content (interviews, journalism) to be uploaded on a regular basis and made available through the usual podcast providers.


Shine on Social Media - Twitter will build an audience of professionals, academics and people working with older people. Instagram will speak to a younger audience and use particular stories to highlight particular issues. Facebook will be a way to galvanise older people and encourage them to contribute.


Possible Future Funding Streams


Funding Bids - Large and small funding bids that focus on a particular section of the project.

Example: Heritage Lottery Fund – partner with Leeds Museums and Galleries on a bid to produce content around heritage and history.


Advertising - Private companies pay for advertising in the magazine

Example: A local business pays for a half page advert in every issue of the printed magazine.

Example: ASDA sponsors the food section every month.


Partnerships - Statutory or third sector bodies fund the project to pay for or sponsor specific content offline and online.

Example: Public Health Department at Leeds City Council fund the Health section – they set the agenda and decide which information to spread, our writers take this information and find a story to help bring it to life.


Membership/ Subscriptions - Organisations and individuals subscribe (or become “Shine Members”) and pay for copies of the magazine to be delivered, alongside other benefits

Example: Leeds Libraries sign up to get 10 copies of Shine delivered to each library in Leeds, they pay a fixed fee for this

Example: A well-off individual signs up to support Shine with a monthly donation, in return they get a copy of the magazine delivered and an e-newsletter with links to new content every week.


Policy context

Shine shares Leeds City Council’s ambition for Leeds to become the best city for people to grow old in.

We want Leeds to be a place where older people are valued, feel respected and appreciated, and are seen as the assets that they are. We work with partners in Leeds City Council and the Centre for Ageing Better to address the age and dementia friendly priorities.


Age Friendly Leeds is one of the eight interconnected priority areas of work set out in the Best Council Plan 2020-2025 and is based on 6 topic areas -

  • housing

  • public and civic spaces

  • travel and road safety

  • active, included and respected

  • healthy and independent ageing

  • employment and learning


Dementia Friendly Leeds is a campaign to raise awareness of dementia and make services more accessible. The aim is to ensure that people who are living with dementia, and their carers, remain an active part of their city and keep doing the things they enjoy.